8.4-magnitude earthquake

On Wednesday 16 September, an 8.4-magnitude earthquake hit Chile. Its epicentre was just over 40 miles away from our observatory there, GJW-CL. We are very thankful nobody at the school was injured.


Operation Solar Farmyard

We have installed a solar farm for GJW-IN. We collect light energy from our nearest star by day, and store this as chemical energy in big batteries to use by night to observe many different stars across our Galaxy.



Los cinco de nuestros observatorios están equipados con espectrógrafos Aquila diseñado y construido por Steven Lee de AAO.

20140828-IMG_8167.jpg (2)

Our fifth observatory

Agradecemos inmensamente a Derek Benham de Nueva York por su generosa contribución a la Universidad de Oxford posibilitando así la construcción del quinto observatorio de "Global Jet Watch".


The Global Jet Watch project consists of five observatories strategically distributed in longitude around Planet Earth, such that there is always one of these in darkness.  Optical astronomy has to be done at night!   Our observatories are equipped with research-grade instrumentation and telescopes.  They are located in the following places: 


In a future phase of this web-site, we will have a login area for amateur astronomers who have expressed an interest in helping us observe some of our targets.   We plan a repository for time-critical data from such observers.  Please register your interest for this future development by sending us a message via the Contacts page.